Saturday, May 3, 2008

Colorado, Day Three

We planned to drive to Colorado Springs on our third and final day, but the night before, we opted to stay in Denver and visit a flea market. We slept later than necessary for an out-of-town trip, but that last morning, James saw some photographs of the market. It looked like a local market here that we don't care for, so we decided not to go. Since it was too late to drive to Colorado Springs, we opted instead to drive to Black Hawk and Central City to look around, have some lunch, and hunt for some mines.

After a few hours of hanging out, we drove back to Denver for return flight home. We checked the car in and returned to the airport about 45 minutes early, hoping to grab a quick bite before boarding the plane. When we checked in, we discovered that our flight was delayed by a little more than half an hour. By the time we moved from the check-in desk to the gate, it was delayed another half-hour. We didn't actually get in the air until probably another hour after the scheduled delay, so all told, we were at the Denver airport about 4-5 hours. We survived on green tea and hot tamales, and were so glad to get out of the airport and home again.

A Lovely Drive

Airport Sustenance

It's never good when a pilot washes his own windows...



  • Elizabeth

    Your baby girl is so dang cute! Her grin just fills her face. So precious.

    I have to laugh at the hot tamales, because before I saw the picture I truly thought you ate tamales. Not such a bad meal. But then the picture...oh my word, you poor things! :-)

  • Christy

    My parents went to Colorado and all I got was this dang T-shirt!

    The scenery in Colorado is so awe-inspiring. Who could look at that and not believe that it was perfectly designed by an omnipotent being? Even the details in something so small as a tiny flower are amazing to behold.

  • Awesome Mom

    That is a hilarious picture! I would have been worried if I was on the flight.

    PS I love your new look!

  • Randi

    You're right - the market is just like the one you're thinking of here. :)

    I thought the same thing (as Eliz) about the tamales! So funny!

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