Friday, May 9, 2008

Glory Hallelujah, Summer is Here

It is impossible for me to fully explain just how pleased I am that this semester is over. The title of my blog pretty much sums it up. I did fine on my final and am happy with my grades. More importantly, I'm happy to focus on blocking this semester totally out of my mind -- and the fact that James offered to help me, but didn't recall the fact that he must have done algebra on an abacus until I was well into polynomials and logarithms.

(That is not a happy surprise, by the way.)

An early sketch of James working the abacus

After testing, I spent the day with my Mom to celebrate Mother's Day. (She works in retail, so she'll be working on Sunday.) We exchanged gifts at her house, played in some new makeup she just purchased, caught up on all of our stories, and went window shopping in Grapevine where Bub posed with yet another statue. I'm not sure about that robot breakdance move he's doing.

After that, James met all of us for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. My Mom grew up in Corpus Christi, TX. and though she normally eats like a bird*, she can put away all sorts of water creatures like nobody's business. She picked Joe's Crab Shack because of the oversized crab/shrimp/sausage steampot. She delighted in every morsel, just as Bub delighted in letting total strangers bury him in a pile of playground rocks.

After dinner, James took the kids home to scrub off the playground muck while Mom and I went to the movies to see Made of Honor, a movie so funny that I snorted in public. All through the movie I kept thinking, "take a picture with Mom, take a picture with Mom," but I was so distracted by the 44oz Fruit Punch hitting my bladder that I forgot, so here is a picture of my Mom from Christmas making gumdrop cookies with my kids.

I love you, Mom. I love you for bearing me, for raising me, for loving me, for teaching me, for shaping me. I love you for being quick to admit that you aren't perfect, and for letting me come into my own. I love you because you are kind, generous, funny, and humble, and I love that we can be great friends. God knew what he was doing when He knit me together in your womb, and I am so grateful to have you as my mother.**

Happy Mother's Day

* As for the eating like a bird bit, my Mom has a half-plucked Cockatoo named Sugar for a pet. She lives alone, save for the bird, so they split meals. When she cooks at home, she cooks what she can share. When she eats out, she orders a meal with ample leftovers for Sugar. It's quite disturbing when she shares an order of wings. I've told her I don't think Cockatoos are necessarily carnivorous, and I'm pretty sure they don't eat chicken wings in the wild. She shrugs me off and orders more.

** "Her children arise and call her blessed..." -- Proverbs 31:28a


  • Randi

    Congrats on being done with finals!

    Sounds like you had fun with your mom ... what a blessing!

  • taralynn819

    Yay for summer! It feels good to accomplish. (But you can keep the math. There is a reason I married an engineer!)

    I can’t stand the powder from playground rocks. How can he DO that? Oh right. He’s a boy.

    Sounds like you had a great day to celebrate the semester’s end and Mother’s Day! Definitely most special to spend time together.

  • Happy Mommy

    We only have two more weeks and we are done with our school year to! Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  • Karen

    hey Amanda - my e-mail address is
    Lucy was born this afternoon & is now with Jesus & her older brother Carter in heaven.
    Thanks for the link - not sure what made me look back at my 1st post but glad I did.

  • taralynn819

    Whew! I was wondering because I sent the package last Monday, and they told me 2 days. I just like surprises so I didn't want to ask. But I also hoped it wasn't lost in the mail. Of course, they taste best the first or second day out of the oven, but hey, chocolate is chocolate! Glad you like them!

    Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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