Wednesday, May 21, 2008

His Maria

This evening, around 5:00 P.M., Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter Maria was killed in a tragic accident at their Tennessee home. Just days after their eldest daughter Emily's engagement, Maria was accidentally struck and killed in the driveway by an SUV driven by her teenage brother.

I can't imagine the compounded heartbreak this family must be feeling right now and believe we should each pause to pray.

Star Tribune Story
Prayer Chain and Condolences
The Chapman Family Blogs
Memorial Contributions to Shaohannah's Hope
(the ministry started by the Chapmans that helps families with adoption)

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  • Elizabeth

    I know...I can't even sleep just thinking of them. When I was tucking Emma in tonight (again...) I was just struck by it all over. So heavy.

  • Randi

    My heart's been aching for them since I heard last night. I agree - we need to uphold them all in prayer. The brother will need lots of extra prayer ... I can't even imagine.

  • Jenny James

    I heard it this morning on the Today show. Oh, it's so tragic. The Chapman family can use lots of prayers.

  • taralynn819

    Yes I heard the news this morning on my way to work. Absolute tragedy. I am confident, though, that God is going to use the Chapman family, especially in these circumstances, to be His light to the world.

    And you linked to the Star Trib! :)

  • taralynn819

    Oh, and I was in the grocery store last night about the time she was hit, and while I was scouring the isles, I heard "Cinderella" on Muzak waft through the speakers. Woa...shivers!

  • Julie

    I just heard about it on the radio as I was driving to work.
    My eyeliner was gone as I cried for them all the way to work.
    So sad.

  • Happy Mommy

    Just so tragic! I feel heart broken for them. All we can do is pray for the whole family

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