Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Sale

On Saturday, we participated in the neighborhood garage sale. Several months ago, we began storing stuff to sell, and my mom began bringing stuff over. We had so many things which we priced really, really low. We always had success running sales that way in Oklahoma, and we anticipated a really great sale here.

A Tiny Portion of the Goods

What we did not anticipate was a city restriction that would disallow signage by the road. We didn't anticipate ineffective signage in the neighborhood. We didn't anticipate our quiet street being a disadvantage on sale day. We didn't anticipate a slow Saturday.

Though we were disappointed by our turnout, we made enough money to apply $78 to the Mission: Water for Life fund, and to buy a new loft bed for Bub and a needed dryer -- both on sale in the neighborhood -- and that makes the day feel much less like a waste.


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