Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What NASA Doesn't Know

I read a post at Wired Science where NASA is offering $17000 to someone to lay in bed in the Trendeleburg position for 90 days. The prospect will have to pass the Air Force Medical Examination standards to be accepted, and will then be subjected to tests on muscle atrophy and bone density. (Because apparently it's really bad to lay upside down in bed for extended periods of time.) The folks at Wired Science say, "Here at Wired Science, we can't decide if this is the sweetest way to make five grand a month or the worst punishment you could inflict on a person."

To that I say, "Quit your whining. Pregnant women do it all the time, except they do it with a persistently full bladder, heartburn, and while growing a human."

Where was NASA when I was on bedrest? And don't they know they have potential test subjects in hospitals nationwide who would participate in the study for the cost of some takeout and a couple of boxes of chocolate?

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