Thursday, October 25, 2007


I daily check in on a blog called Toddled Dredge, which is consistently fanstastic, and one I frequently recommend to others. I've spied on it in secret for some time, but yesterday the author posted a link to another site called Hogwart's Professor in response to the controvery brewing around J.K. Rowling's recent comments about Dumbledore's sexual orientation.

I followed the link, was completely enlightened, and returned to Toddled Dredge to comment about something that I've heard before and had just read again -- the underlying Christian message in Harry Potter (and other stories). I commented about that point, and quoted something the poet Shelley wrote ages ago in A Defence of Poetry. In essence, Shelley pointed out that Poets (and writers in general) are priests who communicate God's message, though they may not personally have "correspondence with that spirit of good of which they are the ministers," and they may not understand their expression of that "Power which is seated upon the throne of their own soul."

This morning, as every morning, I checked in on my favorite blogs, and I noticed a link in the Toddled Dredge comments back to Hogwart's Professor where I have now been quoted. Of course, the link was immediately followed, and I felt like I must have looked like a scene on a sitcom where someone is looking for themselves in a review or an article. They're hunched over the paper, scanning and mumbling, and then they shout at the recognition of their own name. ("Mumble, mumble, murmur, Amanda -- YAY!") I'm home alone, and yes, I shouted.

I'm quite confident it's no big deal really, this quotation (though you can read it for yourself here and come to whatever personal conclusion you like). For all I know, the Professor is the next door neighbor of the Toddled Dredge author. And honestly, I guess I wasn't really quoted at all. My Shelley quotation was re-quoted. Regardless, it still feels nice that something I said mattered enough for someone else to repeat, and my name was mentioned. That's nice, and I'll take it.


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