Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bible reading

One of Bub's loves is to follow along behind me in my Bible. He's doing it right now, and I have to say it warms my heart. What he does is pick up whatever Bible I have read that day (I have two) and go through it to read aloud whatever I have underlined. I normally read from a Bible written in "The Living Translation" which is very easy for him to read, but today he's reading from my Bible school Bible, and it is King James, which can be hard for some adults.

He went through a section in Genesis earlier that had loads of towns and was chock full of thees and thous, and at the ends said, "Welp, that was a good story." I don't even know what he read right there, so I don't know how he can, but I'm glad he appreciates it. He even marks his pages to go back to where he left off. (Note to self: I need to buy him a special bookmark to stay in my Bible.) It's awesome that when I list his reading time in his school notebook, it includes the Word.

It's lovely to hear such power read aloud in his little boy voice.
Maybe this is one reason we get to be his parents.
So that he may know God.


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