Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Morning

Today is James' birthday -- he turned 37. This random number seemed like a big year for him, and it didn't make sense to me at all until I read his blog last night. (No, that's not the only way we communicate.) James' dad turned 37 when James was ten and that was the first time James ever remembers thinking that his dad was old. Now, he's reached that milestone in his own life, and it evidently is not fun. He's not dismal and depressed or anything, just a little extra pensive that life is marching on. On the upside, it is lovely to grow older with such a lovely man.

The Birthday Boy and His Babies

To celebrate, the kids and I bought huge Banana Nut birthday muffins and shared our gifts before work today. James' brother has given him four tickets to the A&M/OSU game tomorrow night, so we leave right after work today to go back to College Station -- thus, the birthday breakfast. Because of our busy schedule and A&M football, this year, muffin = cake.

Blowing Out the Candles

Muffins as Big as Your Head -- Yummy!

He blew out the candles while we sang "Happy Birthday," and for gifts he got a weekend watch from me, and chocolates, pictures, and golf tees from the kids. The kids choose their own gifts with great care and utter selfishness. Gracie chose the chocolates because Daddy always shares treats. Bub chose the golf tees because he loves going to the driving range with James. The pictures are of the kids at their first Aggie football game.

Gifts Galore

Happy Birthday, Blook.
May your next 37 be more spectacular than your first!


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