Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can't do what you do...

Today, I was talking to James. Just a general conversation, but one that bears recording. One that really should be put into writing so I can remind him of it later when I am underestimated. Hence the blog...

James: How was your day?

Me: Oh, good. Yours?

James: Good, I put up another doctor.

Me: Yea, that's great! Congratulations!

James: What about you? What did you do?

Me: Oh, not too much. I ran to the grocery store, and did a couple of things at the kids' school. Then, I came home, read three chapters for my Public Speaking Class and took a quiz. After that, I read seven Petrarch Sonnets, and am trying to decide which one I like best and am willing to interpret and write a paper on tonight. (Insert general complaints about Sonnets and an explanation of how they are my least favorite literary form.) When the kids got home, I made snacks, took Gracie to Ballet, read some more while waiting for her and watching Bub, came home, made dinner, had a three-way cuddle on my bed while watching a Dora DVD, handled baths, and I'm now reading a Russian Tragi-Comedy while the kids finish their nighttime reading before bed.

James: I could never do what you do.


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