Monday, October 22, 2007


Sunday was a very busy day. James, who is normally my weekend helper, flew to L.A. yesterday morning to meet with a client. (He said it was work, but I'm not sure how flying to the coast to sightsee and have brunch at a swanky hotel along with the bonus of interesting adult conversation can be classified merely as "work," but whatever.) In the meantime, I was left at home with two especially needy children and a four-essay exam to complete by midnight. I felt like I was being pulled in fifty directions at all times. In spite of that, I made time to do with and for the kids as I normally would have, and I think the day went off fairly well.

Last night, Gracie showed me that she is really trying to implement some of my multi-tasking ways. I was in the middle of writing one of the essays for my exam when I took a break to watch cartoons with her. She was in my bed watching them, and I was in my bed watching her. She asked, "Mom, aren't you going to watch T.V.?" I answered, "No, honey, I'm going to watch you watching T.V." She then told me that she was going to watch me watching her watch T.V., and her face screwed up like she was concentrating really hard. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was trying to get one eye to watch me watching her, while keeping the other eye on the T.V. Ah, that's my girl.


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