Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saying Goodbye to a Sweet, Sweet Friend

Thursday, all of the kids and I joined my friend Amy and her children for an evening out. We met at a pizza place for a quick dinner, then headed to a park where all of our rambunctious children could burn some energy.

Eating and Playing

First Injury of the Day

As I always say, it ain't a party
until someones bleeding from the face!

When our family moved to the Metroplex over three years ago, we began church shopping right away. After visiting several major ministries in the area, we felt right at home at a sizable suburban church. Amy was part of the reason we felt so at home. She forced herself upon me in friendship and loved on me in a practical way. Amy helped make it very easy to get plugged in.

With Amy:

  • I swapped babysitting.

  • I jumped right into my current Bunko league.

  • I tag-team shopped the triple-coupon sale at Albertsons every month.

  • I co-hosted tables at a Ladies' Tea.

  • I never felt alone at a Women's Retreat.

  • I had a friend to share in my zealous frugality.

  • I spent long nights at public scraps.

  • I spent even longer nights in the parking lot afterwards.

  • I was never alone in the midst of a loss. Amy stayed with me at the hospital, prayed prayers, brought meals. She is a true friend indeed.

Despite energy or injury, it was important for us to get together when we did. Amy's husband recently accepted a position in Indiana, so they're moving far, far away. Tommie's been in Indiana working for the last couple of weeks, and Amy and the boys will join him this weekend.

Amy is a big reason that Texas now feels like home, and I am truly sad to see her go. In spite of my sadness, the last day we spent together (with her as a local girl) wasn't full of tears. We talked and visited like we'd see each other again next week, and only when it was time for goodbyes did the tears begin to flow. Friend, I know God has an awesome plan for your lives, and that this move will bless you both immensely. Still, you will be greatly missed.


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