Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy, Busy Blog Design

I've been busy, busy stylizing a few blog in my spare time, and today I created a busy, busy blog design for my friend Linda. I wanted to quickly post my progress because while I think Linda can pull off such a bold color scheme and pattern arrangement, she may want the whole thing toned down. Before I get the official word, check out the cuteness on the Life at the Zavocki's blog.

Also, I failed to mention some recent work I did for another friend, Leslie, at Hargus Happenings. Perhaps my oversight explains why she's not had me over to play Rock Band. Hmmm. Leslie actually had a header in order, I just shuffled a few things around so I could crop it, then I added a background to her blog and messed around with the code to make everything work together.


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