Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello Again, Hello*

On Saturday, we said goodbye to Chelsea who is off to camp and school.
Despite the smiley faces, we were all quite sad to see her go.

Not more than an hour after she left, she called to say she'd broken down.
We immediately headed out to her rescue and came upon this:

A State Trooper showed up to help...

... as did this guy, who poured gallon after gallon of water in the radiator,
and insisted it was normal for her tiny car to hold so much.

James stood around and "googled" mechanical terms
and other general nonsense on his Blackberry...

... while I entertained the children with bubbles and rock-throwing
and all sorts of traffic-dodging games**.

"Are you seriously going to blog this too?"***
Yes. Yes, I am.

When the car was unresponsive to all of our begging and pleading,
we had it towed to Gainesville and we drove Chelsea to camp.

Not where we planned to spend our Saturday

Moving In

Checking Things Out

Sleepaway Camp ROCKS!

The Good News: We got Chelsea to camp safely and in a timely matter, in light of her situation. The kids thought the campgrounds were so cool that they want to go to sleepaway camp next year, so I've already called a friend whose daughter will be away next summer at a camp near Chelsea's (during the same time frame, I believe) to have both kids join in on the fun.

The Bad News: The automotive shop called today to say that the head is cracked in Chelsea's motor. She just had the whole engine replaced, so the issue would be covered under warranty if the car were in Tulsa. Unfortunately, the car is in Texas, so she has the option of towing it back to Oklahoma or paying to have it repaired here. Both options cost way more than the car is worth, so she and her family have opted to have the shop send it to auction. Chelsea is now on foot, poor girl.

* Yes, I am a closet Neil Diamond fan. Thank you.

** Just kidding about the traffic-dodging. We were on an empty feeder road a very safe distance from the highway.

*** An actual quote from Chelsea. Silly girl!


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