Thursday, July 3, 2008

Prayer Request: Rick and Kendra

Please pray for my friend Kendra. Her family has been through so much these last several months, and at the moment, their situation has grown worse. Over the last several months, her husband, who was the group leader for our Sunday School class, has been dealing with some spiritual questions. Moreover, the bounds of their marital relationship was strained, and they just reunited after a time of separation.

Mere days after Kendra returned home to work on reconciliation, she was in a car accident and totaled her van. They just finished dealing with the insurance company and got a new car, then Rick had an accident on his motorcycle late last night. He was returning home after an evening out with friends when he lost control of his motorcycle. He was not wearing a helmet.

While it's so fortunate that he survived the accident, he has multiple fractures on his head. His jaw is broken, his cheek bone is broken, several other bones in his face are broken, and he has a fractured skull along with a brain bleed. At the moment, he has a breathing and feeding tube. The doctors advised Kendra that he would need multiple surgeries to repair the fractures, and right now, they have Rick in a drug-induced coma to keep the pain at bay.

While no one can say for sure what to expect long-term, Rick is already giving everyone hope. When Kendra went in to check on him a little earlier today, he had his leg propped up in his normal sleeping position. Seeing those familiar things really helps.

I'm at the hospital with her now, and while the situation is quite traumatic, she seems to be holding up nicely. After all they've been through recently, she expressed surprise that so many people have supported them so quickly and so generously. Kendra's hope is that this situation will be the catalyst Rick needs to recognize the presence of God in his life. My prayer is that as the brokenness in his body heals, God will mend the brokenness in his heart. As he's restrained, God will restrain him and capture his heart once again.

Would you please remember Rick and Kendra? Please pray for Rick's healing, that it may be complete both inside and out. Pray that his doctors would have wisdom to care for him in the best way they can. For Kendra, please pray for continued peace. Pray that God would sustain her as she stays at his side. Updates will come as they're available.


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