Friday, July 18, 2008

And the assessments commence...

Both kids are in the process of taking assessment tests in Math and Language Arts to determine their curriculum placement level. We're not absolutely sure which curriculum we're going to go with just yet, but the assessment tests are associated with the Alpha Omega LifePac series.

I think I'd like to go with the LifePac curriculum in Bible, LifePac or Math-U-See for Math, and maybe Horizons or the Shurley Method for Language Arts, along with various comprehension readers. I've heard really good things about Apologia Science, but I need to look into it for myself. A history course is kind of optional at this stage, but Bub really enjoys history, so I feel I should capitalize on that by bringing in something light and interesting.

As for electives (which concern James), my sister works for a group in Oklahoma that puts together independent art classes for homeschool groups, after-school groups, summer camps, etc. She copied and sent the entire curriculum to me a while back, so that takes care of art. Additionally, Bub recently began asking to learn some French. Since I'll be taking an online French class this semester, now is as good a time as any. I picked up a French for Christian Schools (Level 1) Book/Workbook set, which will help me identify the things children should learn when learning a new language, plus it shows me how and when to introduce scripture verses in French. Je suis si excité!

This morning, Gracie and I joined a couple of homeschooling moms at one of our neighborhood pools. While there, some other moms overheard me talking (imagine that) and gave me phone numbers for four other homeschooling moms in the neighborhood. Evidently, there are enough moms nearby that they're talking about starting a new co-op. There's a pretty active Yahoo group for my neighborhood, and for a neighborhood nearby. I wish we lived closer to my homeschooling friends, but already I'm beginning to find some support.


  • Randi

    Wow, you're off and running - way to go! I'm so excited for you that you're already starting to find some support nearby. God is good!

  • Elizabeth

    I am SO excited for you!!! We are beginning the adventure this fall ourselves. I'm doing My Father's World, Saxon Math and Saxon Phonics with Sam; and Rod and Staff preschool workbooks with Ian and Emma. I'm thrilled you have support too. You'll have to keep me updated on how things are going.

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