Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All Manners of Miscellany

Sick Orphan Baby Finds Family :: Sometimes babies do fall from the sky.

Scary CNN News Story: Playground burns skin off toddler's feet.

MSNBC.com: Furniture Shopping on the Cheap

MSNBC.com: Pedicures by Doctor Fish

CNN.com :: 15 Reasons Mr. Rogers was the Best Neighbor EVER.

MSN Money :: Rediscovering the Art of Frugal Living

fueleconomy.gov :: Compare Hybrid SUVs


  • a cowgirl at heart

    So glad you dropped by and I would love for you to peruse my sight any time you wish! Thanks for playing in my bloggy giveaway...I'm on my way to register on yours right now!

  • a cowgirl at heart

    I was just perusing YOUR posts and noticed you like to customize blogs, too! I am quite addicted, to be honest. I am even presenting about blogging at the 2009 TCEA conference in Austin in February, so I'm looking for any and all help with the customizing. I noticed you mentioned figuring out how to make the headers on blogger stretch to fit the entire width of the page and to get rid of the line at the top. I was always just making the outline of the header match the background to make it "disappear" but would LOVE to know how you did all of the things to your cousins to make it look so great! If you have a chance, would you mind emailing me at charla_jenkins@yahoo.com OR you can just leave a comment on my blog. Thanks so much!

    Oh, did you do the background on her All About Me section, too? Did you buy the kit to do that, or just get it from Scrapblog (I recognized the tree in the header)?

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