Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Pizza Playdate for the Birthday Boy

On Bub's actual birthday, we met good friends for a pizza playdate at Chuck E. Cheese. I told Gracie that morning where we were going, but we kept our outing a secret from Bub. I'm so cruel, but I just love to watch Gracie struggle to keep a secret. It's so hilarious! She often looks like she may actually burst.

Since he'd been given his presents at the family party, we'd picked up a little Texas A&M basketball hoop for him to open on his actual birthday, and included a couple of smaller items from our stocking stuffer bin. Our friend, Mrs. DeDe, gave Bub money, which he spent on a guitar at Wal-Mart immediately after lunch.

Bub, Rachel, and Gracie spent their time bouncing from game to game to game, while DeDe stood at a ball game hitting the 100-ticket jackpot time and again. (I think the final count for DeDe was 8 or 9 jackpots, a huge number compared to my one.) The kids split all tickets and still had over 400 each. They promptly turned their stacks of paper tickets into piles of plastic junk loot. Happy birthday, Bub! You'll always be my little buttercup...


  • amy

    Lovely video! I've often wondered - do people just stumble upon these types of things while spending hours on You Tube, or do they actually specifically search for it? lol Never mind... I don't think I want to know! ha, ha

    Happy Birthday, Bub!

  • Amanda

    I actively searched for it. That was the "lullaby" I sang to a baby Bub.

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