Sunday, November 30, 2008

Because I blinked, and November was gone...

James has been asking me repeatedly if I was through blogging. "No," I'd tell him, "I've just been busy." I really didn't think my lack of blogging was as bad as he was letting on, particularly since he has a tendency to exaggerate such minutiae, but then he mentioned that a couple of coworkers asked when I might post next. When men I don't even know begin to inquire about my blogging schedule, it's probably time to step things up a bit.

This morning, I began to look back through my unposted photos, and I realized I've failed to post so much! While I have been extraordinarily busy, I've not been so busy to explain such a lack of blogging commitment, and for that, I do apologize (particularly to those guys I don't know).

To make up for lost time, I'll be posting about all of November today, right now in fact, in order to fill in the gaps. I've decided instead of one enormous post incorporating the missed parts of the month, I'll backdate individual posts to their appropriate date and link to them all here. A mass uploadicus of sorts. Enjoy!

November 1: Halloween 2008: The Year of Fake Hair
November 3: Adoption Intake Interview Scheduled
November 3: The Comedy of Errors at Bass Hall (New Post!)
November 4: The Stinky Cheese Man at Casa Mañana (New Post!)
November 6: The Banning of the Bits and Pieces
November 7: Unless the Corn has a Face...
November 7: Frugal Friday Linkage
November 11: Because Sometimes Sweet Tea Just Isn't Enough
November 11: Everything Looks Better in the Dark
November 12: On Nights Like Tonight
November 13: Favorite Homeschool Resource
November 14: Frugal Friday Linkage
November 14: Lunchtime Playdate
November 14: The Asian Market and My Attempt at Lumpia (New Post!)
November 14: My Christmas Wish Does Not Involve Toothpaste
November 15: In a Word...
November 15: Final Games and First Trophies (New Post!)
November 16: Bub's Family Birthday Fun (New Post!)
November 18: When a Stick Becomes a Pet (New Post!)
November 20: "My Crismas Top 10 List" by Gracie
November 21: Frugal Friday Linkage: Thanksgiving Edition
November 22: Adoption Intake Interview and Education Seminar (New Post!)
November 22: Thanksgiving with the In-Laws (New Post!)
November 25: Homeschool Field Trip to the Log Cabin Village (New Post!)
November 26: A Pizza Playdate for the Birthday Boy (New Post!)
November 27: A Joyous Thanksgiving and the Tale of Milo the Lost(New Post!)
November 28: Frugal Friday Linkage: Black Friday Edition
November 29: Bring on the Christmas! (New Post!)


  • Randi

    Thanks for the list - I was worried I'd miss a new one. Could you be more organized, Amanda?

  • Emily

    I just got finished reading all the ones I hadn't seen before today. Thanks for all the links. I honestly don't know when you became so organized. I remember our summers with all the stuff everywhere. Please come teach me the error of my ways. I'm doing pretty good so far. We got rid of more stuff, and things are organized as of now. I'd still love your help though :p

  • amy

    I appreciate the list too. I had missed one or two along the way, so now I'm truly & completely caught up. Thanks! :)

  • Christy

    Thanks for catching me up on your family activities. I felt I was missing out on something... Love ya!

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