Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bub's Family Birthday Fun

We took advantage of our visit with Poppa John to have a family birthday party for Bub. Bub has the unfortunate disadvantage of having a birthday that falls right in the middle of Thanksgiving week. In general, people are unavailable to celebrate then, and since we seem to host on the holidays, I'm afraid his birthday often feels like an afterthought (though it's not).

We often schedule parties before his actual birthday, just to avoid any holiday rush, but because of work commitments in the past, Poppa John hasn't been able to come before now. Now that he's retired, he's able to travel a bit more, and he just happened to be coming on the week we were planning some birthday thing anyway. Because of his visit, we decided to keep things low-key and family-focused.

We sat around and visited, then had Bub's favorite meal for dinner -- Frito chili pie. I made a homemade cake with the greenest green frosting and sprinkles. We had vanilla ice cream cups and sweet tea, then Bub opened birthday presents from everyone. He said it was the best birthday of his life, which makes me wonder why in the world I've spent so much money on more extravagant parties in the past. :)


  • Renae

    I think simple is usually better, too, because Mom doesn't get as stressed. ;)

    My son's birthday is right around Thanksgiving, too. Usually we do a fun family activity and have his cake at Thanksgiving. This year he wanted a party with an R2-D2 cake.
    (I linked to it on Twitter, but I think I'll put it on my blog, too.)

  • Randi

    That's so great that he loved it so much ... family must be important. Can't believe he's so big!

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