Saturday, November 15, 2008

Final Games and First Trophies

Bub and Gracie wrapped up their soccer season on quite possibly the coldest day of the year. They were both so excited to have Poppa John in the stands, and he seemed pleased to be able to come to his very first grandkid sporting event. Overall, we really enjoyed our teams this year, as well as the challenges this season brought. We've seen both kids grow and learn so much. As for the Spring season, Bub's ready to play again, while Gracie's still on the fence.

After the games, we celebrated with back-to-back parties. Bub's team planned a party at the park, but with the change in weather, the party was moved to a teammate's house. Gracie's team celebrated over giant pies and cupcakes at a local pizza joint.

Both Gracie and Bub were awarded trophies (along with every other child on the team). The trophy was Gracie's first. Both kids were so proud of their awards, and they carried them around, showing all their friends and family members. Days later, I found both trophies abandoned in the backyard.


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