Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008: The Year of Fake Hair

Halloween this year was quite fun, even though the kids mentioned they missed the class parties and the costume parade they had at school last year. Because we now homeschool, instead of participating in the school parade, the kids spent the whole day in their costumes, and as we ran errands at the end of the day, the fun comments from kids and adults alike seemed to make up for what they thought they missed out on.

For Halloween festivities, we went to a Fall Carnival at a local church where the kids played games, loaded up on candy, and bounced in bounce houses until they were sure they would puke. For Halloween, James and I took the kids trick-or-treating through the neighborhood where they made out like candy-loving bandits. We finished the night with our annual trip to Sonic for fountain drinks and free corndogs for kids in costume.

As for costumes, Bub dressed up as a pirate -- sort of a Jack Sparrow knockoff -- and sported an eye-shadow beard. Gracie couldn't make up her mind, so for the Fall Festival she dressed as a ragdoll, while on Halloween she was a medieval princess. This year, the fake hair abounded.

Rag Doll and a Pirate

Long Red Locks


Carnival Games

Face Painting, only on the hand

Pretty, Pretty Princess

"Waiting for my prince to come..."

A Pirate loves to eat!

Dressed for Dinner

Ready to go!

Spooky Decor in the Neighborhood

Gracie's not a fan of the mummy,
but Bub loves all things scary!

Looking over the Loot

Gimme Some Goodies!


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