Thursday, November 20, 2008

"My Crismas Top 10 List" by Gracie (with a Bonus by Bub)

My Father-in-Law is trying to wrap up his Christmas shopping, and needed the kids to complete their lists. Gracie's was just so cute, I'm copying it here for extended family members to gush over. I have loads to catch up on with regards to blogging, but we're travelling out of town today for our adoption agency intake interview, adoption education seminar, and our Thanksgiving celebration with James' family. That said, I've been a wee bit busy and a whole bunch stressed out. More to come, when I calm down. And now, the list (verbatim):

My Crismas Top 10 List, by Gracie (age 6)

1. Baby Alive Go Bye Bye
2. Barbie Crismas Carol Movie
3. Gotta Go Doll (Little Mommy)
4. Trianing To Go Potty Baby Alive
5. Swiming Boy And Girl Baby Born
6. Hello Kitty Game for DS
7. twister Hopscoth
8. Hannah Montana Sound TRack
9. 100 or 1 WebKincs
10. Kit Movie
11. Any Kind of Book except Gron Up Books and Chapter Books
12. Jammin Jeep (note: we've moved on past ten items...)
13. Lilest Pet Shop Workout House
14. Peek-A-Boo Petites Playhouse
15. Holiday Popstar (Hannah Montana)
16. A New Sundress
17. 25th Annuversary Cabbeg Pach Kid
18. Star Maker Brats
19. Oliver Doll
20. Rico Doll
21. A Nut Cracer
22. I need a new HAMPER
23. I want a new PAIL and SHOVEL
24. Don't forget to bring 1 of these and if your there I need a hug.
(can we all say, "awww..."?)

As a Bonus: Bub's List (age 8)

1. Fur Real Friend
2. Tattoos
3. Sword
4. Shield
5. Night Vision Goggles (should I be worried yet?)
6. legos
7. cars
(He's a simple man, really.)


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