Friday, November 14, 2008

The Asian Market and My Attempt at Lumpia

James' dad, affectionately known as Poppa John, came up for a weekend visit. Every time he comes to my house, I do my best to replicate some of the Filipino dishes he loves. In general, I fail miserably, but hey, I still try.

In search of rice wrappers and other more exotic ingredients, we spent an afternoon in the Asian Market. I love the sights and sounds and the really great prices. Bub loves the live animals deemed "food." We always have a fun time exploring.

The Produce Aisle

Who'd wanna eat these guys?

Help Me!

Curious about the altar
(and no, she's not pledging any sort of allegiance...)

The Great Rice Wrapper Debate

The Original Cup-O-Noodles

A Sale on MSG -- Brain Damage, Anyone?

Picking Out Some Panda Candy

My Attempt at Lumpia

The verdict: the rice wrappers were too brittle, the ground pork was too course, the vegetables were too abundant, the rolls were too full -- an enormous failure this time. Fortunately, the adobo I made was quite good (according to James, though Poppa John thinks I should have used chicken instead of pork tenderloin). There's always next time...


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