Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coming Clean about my Cleaning Quirks

So the time has come for us to head out. It's 2:36 A.M. and I'm ready to go (though our flight doesn't leave for a few more hours).

One peculiar thing about me that irritates my people to no end is my obsessive need to undertake some big project right before a major event. All will be well and I will suddenly bite off way more than I can chew. For example, before hosting a large pre-Thanksgiving gathering last year, I spontaneously decided to repaint every room on the lower floor of my house.

Taking a trip somewhere is no different. It's a major event that inspires some major craziness on my part, and here at Casa de Amanda, craziness equals cleanliness. Instead of resting, instead of savoring those last pre-trip hours days, I scurry about cleaning and recleaning things that really didn't need to be cleaned at all. Those who travel with me know this about me and either pitch in to help or stay completely out of the way.

In preparation for our Hawaiian vacation, Gracie's closet was totally reorganized. Each of our wardrobes got a quick purge and bags of clothes have been donated or freecycled. And yesterday, instead of packing, I spent the better part of the evening sorting and reorganizing our surplus toiletries and the under sink cabinets in our bathroom. I've scrubbed all the surfaces, polished all the mirrors, and will likely vacuum my way out the door.

So, once again I'll begin a trip a little sleep deprived but relieved to know that if I plunge to a fiery death, there won't be any skeletons dustbunnies found in my closet -- or in my surplus toiletry bins.

photo credit: yahoo travel


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