Friday, November 9, 2007

This KILZ me...

As if a FIELD TRIP today wasn't enough, I decided when I got home at 2:00 P.M. that I would start priming my house for paint.

I was talking to Amy the other day about holiday plans and the fact that we're going to host just under 20 people for the pre-Thanksgiving meal. I was super busy in school this week, and have another busy week coming, but mentioned to her that the week of Thanksgiving is somewhat slow, which will be wonderful pre-company.

Amy: Oh great, maybe you can get some rest.
Me: I was thinking I would use that time to repaint the interior of my house before company arrives.
Amy: Of course you were.

Am I so predictable, people?! Do I overcommit so obviously? I think so.

No, seriously, I need to repaint. This past summer I spent two careful days repainting a shelf for my scrapbooking room. After two days of diverting the attention of tiny little fingers, I thought the drying was done. When I touched the shelf to ensure it was completely ready, it tipped over, knocked a hole in my wall, and fell utterly apart. The neatly painted pieces went promptly to the trash, and I've looked at a hole in the wall for months.

I'm normally on top of home repairs -- my bridal registry included tools, and I would vacation in the Home Depot if only they had a timeshare -- but this one was tricky. James thought we could put a plant in front of the hole, but it was very close to the door. He also suggested hanging a picture over it, but it was very near to the ground. He then decided to drop the matter and let me manage the "hole" thing (giggle at stupid, but somewhat humorous, pun).

I knew the *right* way to repair the hole, but felt compelled to go with the *easy* way. Eventually, easy won, but then there was the issue of paint. I had not been extraordinarily happy with our interior color. I mean, it was fine, but in my opinion, it was a little too orange. I'd already purchased a color with which to repaint, but I needed a reason to break out the brushes. A big obvious patch on the wall and double-digit dinner guests was all the motivation I needed. Today, the painting project began.

Halfway through the very first room,
I remembered I hate painting more than I hate laundry.

Work and Fun: Painting with Mom

No turning back now...


  • MJ

    I'm so gald you started. It's going to look great. Isn't a fresh can of paint motivation enough?

  • The Dukes Family

    It's going to be great. And you really are an amazing mom ... you're letting your kiddo help you prime?? I just can never let up that much control. Maybe that'll be a goal for me. :)

  • Amy

    Good luck,you crazy thang! I thought that this week was already busy for you... now painting the house?!? You are braver than me!

  • Anonymous

    My my. Mild insanity is good for the soul. ;) No, really it will be wonderful. You are much braver than I and probably more creative. I ask Rick to do all our painting. Of course he would prefer it that way.

  • Emily

    I love it when the walls are fresh with new paint. Last time we painted I just so happened to be pregnant, and wouldn't you know, I couldn't paint :) Good thing Dad is handy with a roller. He had the whole house done in 1 1/2 days. I hope you get your rooms painted in plenty of time for all your company.

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