Monday, November 19, 2007

Torture by Worship

I love it when my kids worship. Because I have no spiritual heritage, it just blesses my heart when they do. Though they both worship spontaneously from time to time, Gracie is far more prone to it than Bub, which is often a source of contention, particularly in the car. There are many days when we're driving that she'll start singing and he'll start complaining. It's the "she's touching me" of our lives. In this situation, however, I always come to her defense. Without fail, I advise Bub that it's important to cultivate a worshipful heart -- that God loves it, and Mommy loves it, and "Hey, let's all sing along."

This morning as I was wrapping presents for Bub's party, Gracie wrote out her card. It was one she'd personally chosen that relays her intention to bug him through the new year. It's very cute, very funny, and very true. In it, she wrote a sweet sentiment and sealed it up. After taping it to the package, she asked if she could draw on the envelope and I handed her a pen. When she was finished she explained she'd drawn a picture of what she does to bug her brother, and there she was -- worshipping.


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