Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Old

Apparently How My Children See Me

My kids are actually very good about not touching things that are off limits. I think that ability comes from a history of hand smacking any time they felt prone to fondle a Picasso while at the museum.

Because they're good to not touch and to not run around like absolute crazy people about 78% of the time, I decided today would be a good day to spend at an antique mall I love. They'd never before been (I usually go alone when they're in school), but they enjoyed it so much. I've been so busy with schoolwork lately that I'm glad to have finally had the time to go, even if it wasn't kid-free.

When we arrived, I explained to the kids that they couldn't grab or touch most of these things because they were antique. I explaned that antique means really old, and the exploration commenced. Because there was so much looking without touching, I made sure to take them into booths with things they could touch and bins they could dig through, and each having pocket money, they had a great time searching for interesting things to buy. Bub bought a purple metal robot and a handful of old Hot Wheels. Gracie bought a pink poodle and some ribbon for dancing.
(I bought lampshades and magazines, in case you need to know.)

As we looked around, Gracie got bored and wanted to sit with her poodle. Bub and I were still very interested in shopping, so she would move ahead a booth or two and sit respectfully on a rocker or a stool. One time, though, she sat on a settee that was extra springy and became unable to control her need to bounce. When it was clear the bouncing wasn't stopping, I told her to "get off the couch, because it's older than mommy."

Bub, walking by, overheard what I said, and as he passed, he mumbled, "Whoa, now that's old!"



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