Saturday, November 3, 2007


I followed Randi's advice and submitted my name on some of the Fall Y'all giveaway offerings through the Rocks in my Dryer carnival. Stupidly, I thought I could submit my name to all 665 participants, or to save time, at least my top 500. Three days and only 30 entries later, I remembered I actually have a life and an assignment in British Literature to complete, so my contest entries ended.

(I wish I had seen the one for Mom Spit, but I missed it. Guess I'll just have to keep on using my own.)

I had no plans to win anything anyhow. I don't win things. I got a "Good Reader" ribbon once in elementary school, and I won the jackpot in Vegas on an antique horse-racing game that truly must have been broken. Other than that, nothing. Ever. So, with my lifelong absence of luck, and my limited contest entries, I had no plans for success. I am proud to say that I was wrong.

The number generator at smiled on me today, and I won three lovely handmade burp cloths from Rachel at Mom of 3...or more!!! Now, at the present time, they are of no use to me personally, but since I have friends who have just had babies or who will be very soon, I intend to share my bounty. The bottom line is, I WON, and that's prize enough for me!

Take a look:


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