Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boy's Night

James is traveling this week, so Bub and I are having a "Boy's Night" with me as the fill-in for the male counterpart. It's another early night for Gracie (she conked out before 6:00, which is understandable after being sick and then drug through the neighborhood on a candy quest). We called in some pizza for an indoor picnic, and spent the evening watching Transformers. Now, I am not a sci-fi or robot movie person, but this movie was actually very cool.

We had a fun movie night, and I particularly loved all the little comments coming from my little man, like, "Oh, yea," "Cool mom," and "Now, that's what I'm talking about" (a comment whose origin is completely unknown).

Comparing AutoBots

Matthew borrowed a Transformers book from the library last weekend. Every time a new one came on the screen, he would look it up in his book to learn more about it. I love it that he loves research.

Pizza Picnic
and Movie Watching


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