Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ten. Count 'em, ten...

Ten days until takeoff. Ten days until we leave for a week in Oahu. Ten days.

I was on the phone with my doctor's nurse today to schedule an appointment for my quarterly endocrinology appointment. When I told her of my special schedule constraints, she said, "Oh, you're so lucky!" We do feel fortunate to take this trip so inexpensively, but honestly, it's a very small repayment for all that we deal with by having a traveling husband/daddy. Those hotel points and airline miles represent sacrifice and time apart. Still, the repayment is one I will greatly enjoy, and we are truly blessed.

As for our trip, slowly but surely preparations are underway. The laundry pile is dissipating. The portable lesson plans are being prepared. New pails and shovels have been purchased. Library books have been borrowed. Suitcase stand ready to be filled. Babbit's chomping at the bit, as you can plainly see.

Today, James reminded me that I'm normally the trip planner, and that I'm letting the ball drop. In general, I put together all of our itineraries. This trip, though, is different. I've planned a school year, and believe it or not, I'm all planned out. As for our fall vacation, I'm along for the ride and will be happy with whatever James comes up with. James threatened not planning anything and just making me hang out on the beach all day. I wonder, does he think I'd have some kind of problem with that?

Though the itinerary isn't down on paper (or in the planner, gasp!), we intend to explore the Ko Olina Lagoons outside of our hotel, visit Waikiki Beach, pay our respects at the U.S.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor, shop at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, climb Diamondhead, and explore Iolani Palace (especially since we have a library book about Queen Lili‘uokalani -- yay!) along with the Bishop Museum. Ten days can't pass fast enough!


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