Thursday, September 4, 2008

Football and Family

Over Labor Day weekend, we headed to College Station to watch A&M play against Arkansas State. We had the same great seats with backs and arms, and if you've been to a college game lately, you know what a blessing both of those things are. With kids, it helps that the seats are very near both bathrooms and concession stands as well.

This game, I had the kids out in the corridor for a while running off some energy. A lady walked by with her daughter and asked why we weren't down on the patch of grass. Evidently, at field level behind the lone section of metal bleachers tucked under the big screen is a place for kids to run and play and people to stretch out on blankets. We've been to so many games and I had absolutely no idea that space was there! Bub immediately found a group of boys who included him in a game of football, and Gracie wandered, plucking flowers and balancing on ledges. After they ran and ran and wore themselves out, we picked up some super cheap concessions (which were also hidden behind the bleachers) and returned to our seats just in time to watch the Aggies lose.

We also went to College Station to meet Jerald's girlfriend, Hailey. They're pretty serious, and already talking marriage. She was in town for the weekend, so we thought it would be very timely to pay a visit.

She was just the sweetest, sweetest thing and we all really liked her a lot. We could see all the great things Jerald mentioned, and when he left for work on Sunday, we came out with the hard questions. She was very open and up front with us, and at this point, he has our approval (because that matters, right?).

We did tell her that Jerald is slated to be our kid's guardian should James and I simultaneously die. Jokingly, we said she should be aware of that in case it was a deal breaker. While I think having that real discussion is far too premature at this stage, she responded quite nicely, and mentioned that she's listed as her nephew's guardian. She and Jerald are planning to keep both kids for us when we go to College Station for a seminar in November, and I wonder if a couple of days sans mom won't change her mind.


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