Friday, September 5, 2008


Fridays are our days for "specials," as they're called in public schools. Several of our friends go to Friday co-ops, but since we decided so late in the summer to homeschool this year, all the groups were closed. Instead, Friday will be the day we join a local recurring PE class, participate in some other physical activity, visit the library, do a special art project -- you get the idea.

Today, we made our "specials" day even more special by meeting up with our regional homeschool group for a day of skating. We've been to the ice skating rink a couple of times, and to the roller rink once on our own. The last time we went skating, though, my mom fell and broke her wrist, so I was very concerned the kids would be too afraid of hurting themselves to skate today. My fears were unfounded. Gracie hugged the wall the whole time, but Bub felt pretty sure on his feet. Both kids were very brave. They tried really hard, and really enjoyed themselves.

I rented skates and spent a good bit of time scooting between one kid or the other, but after a while, I decided to visit with the other moms sitting in the concession stand. I've only been around these moms once before in person, so you can imagine just how wonderful it was when I skated over, bent to sit down at the table, and missed the bench altogether, planting my backside on the floor. Sigh.

At the end of our time, Bub came over with two bigger kids who'd been helping him practice. Both helpers we're young teenagers, one was a boy, one was a girl, and both were probably fourteen at the oldest. They were both so kind and patient, and as we prepared to leave, they each came over and complimented his ability. To return the favor, I sought out there mothers to compliment their kind children.

When I asked who parented who, the two moms seemed nearly afraid to tell me. When I told them just how nice their children had been to mine, obvious relief crossed their faces, and that made me feel even better about seeking them out. It was such a fun day, and we're all excited about many more special days to come.


  • Randi

    I'm so glad you met up with them and had fun! Bet your kids are thinking this homeschooling stuff is pretty great!

  • Amy

    I'm glad that yall had such a fun day. And I must say - I laughed outloud when I read about you sitting down with your new friends for a visit. I know. Mean. I'm very mean!

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