Monday, September 29, 2008

Babbit the Aloha Rabbit: Day Two

On day two, we all woke before daybreak.
(Darned time change!)
Babbit joined the Barbie family and Gracie on the lanai
to watch the sun break over the mountains...

... then he made his way down to the lagoon
for a whole-lotta lounging while the family swam...

... played Frisbee...

... and tried to dig their way to northern Europe.

Later, we made our way to the lobby
where the children admired the koi...

... and tempted them with a tasty blue treat.

We loaded up to go the North Shore in hopes of spotting some surfers.
James "worked" for a while in the car
(and is now trying to figure out a way to office in Hawaii).

We didn't find any surfers,
but we did find the famous Romy's shrimp shack.
James had garlic shrimp, while Babbit and I shared the sweet & spicy.
Everything was so delicious
(that is, until I found a spider in my special sauce -- yuck!)

Then, we stopped at Ted's Bakery in Haleiwa...

... where Babbit enjoyed some chocolate-haupia pie for dessert.
(Haupia is a traditional coconut milk-based Hawaiian dessert.)

Still searching for those elusive surfers,
we went to at a more secluded spot just north of Sunset Beach.

We arrived just in time to be overtaken by the fire department
and a group of lifeguards on some sort of ocean rescue mission.

The Coast Guard even showed up and circled the scene
(though we later heard no lives were actually at stake)

All the excitement warranted a trip to Aoki's
for coconut shaved ice served on top of homemade ice cream

As we headed south back towards Ko Olina,
we stopped at the Dole Plantation to explore.

Gracie added to her penny collection...

... while Bub and Babbit shared a pineapple whip.

Babbit finds himself in a pineapple predicament

We felt adventurous, so we tried our hand (feet? brain?)
at the Pineapple Garden Maze,
voted World's Largest in the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records.

One station was easy to find.
Seven others? Not so much.
Babbit accepts no responsibility for the poor navigation.

Completely worn out by the maze,
we felt that a bit of lounging and lazing about was in order,
so we headed back to the hotel.

Scenes from the Road: Beautiful Beaches,

Majestic Mountains,

and Conked-out Kiddos.



  • Randi

    I love the grass skirt ... do you have one too, Amanda? We need more photos of you ... tell James to get behind the camera a bit! Looks like you're having a great time!

  • amy

    Glad you arrived safely and that Babbit is having a wonderful time! I agree with Randi - more pics of our beloved Amanda, please!

  • Someone Being Me

    Wow, what an incredible trip. Looks like you are having a blast.

  • Karen

    So glad Babbit got a treat of pineapple whip after almost becoming fish food for the Koi.

  • Christy

    I had a pineapple whip at the fair. Not as exciting as a pineapple whip in Hawaii I'm sure...

    I love Gracie's grass skirt!

  • Happy Mommy

    Everything looks so beautiful! i know you all are having so much fun! Gracie looks so cute in her grass skirt! And your husbands choice of football team t-shirt is an excellent choice I have been brain washed into saying that with my husband being a Texan and all!

  • Jennifer W

    I love the grass skirt and that she wore it everywhere! Looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy and tell James to relax a little bit!

  • In His Grip

    You have got to be lovin' your husband's job. What fun memories you are making.

  • Amy

    Love all of the pics... especially Gracie sleeping in the grass skirt.

    Miss you!

  • Jenny James

    Oh, the shaved ice over ice cream was my favorite part of my trip to Hawaii- brings back memories! I love all the details of your trip. You guys really set out to take in every part of the island you could. Sounds like my kind of vacation!
    Oh, and I love thee pic of Gracie sleeping in the grass skirt in a convertible. So funny!

  • Emily

    love the grass skirt, your girl is a cutie. the car is fantastic, how could you not have a convertible in Hawaii? I am so glad that you guys are taking the time to explore, I wish I had that opportunity when we were over there.

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