Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bub's First "Official" Sleepover

On Saturday, Bub hosted his first official sleepover. Though she's younger, Gracie has had a couple of sleepovers, but we've not let Bub "officially"* have one before. Reasonably, that seemed unfair to him. After all, Gracie is younger and the older sibling should get to do things first and so on and so forth. And all of that is true. But what Bub doesn't fully understand is that he's very sensitive to change -- even positive change -- and one little thing can spin our entire existence into some kind of nightmarish vortex (and that, my friends, is another post for another day).

Saturday, though, against our better judgment, we relented. We let him have his very best neighbor friend Ramsey spend the night. Before our agreement, we had very serious discussion that sleep would be expected, as we had to go to church very early the next day. "I promise," he said.

We weren't convinced. Still, we agreed.

The boys had so much fun and played so well together. Bub was much calmer than we anticipated considering such stimulation late into the evening. When bedtime came, both boys went right to bed, and the only complication we had with Bub was his getting up to take care of things for his friend (he needs a drink, can I get him a fluffier pillow, that sort of thing). They both went to sleep without any serious issues, and Bub slept all the way through the night (which has been unusual lately, hence the need for another post).

All in all, Bub's first "official" sleepover was a success, and something we're very likely willing to repeat in the future.

* I keep saying "officially" because we watched the Payne boys overnight once before, and while three boys shared a bedroom with Bub, that experience was more about helping a friend and less about having a sleepover.


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