Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thank you, Amy. Thank you very much.

Right. So, it's 6:40 or so on Sunday morning, and I have yet to sleep. I went to dinner with Amy last night where we discussed a number of things. One of those things was her strong desire to see me become active on Facebook. Once upon a time, I looked into Facebook, but decided I didn't have time for all the poking and whatnot, so I cancelled my account. Later, I felt like a loser, so I opened it up again, but never did anything with it.

Until today.

It seems I've just spent every last one of my allotted sleeping hours updating profile information, uploading pictures, and requesting relationships with people like you. Hey, c'mon, let's all be friends.

(Now, if I can find someone to Twitterfy my Palm Treo, I'll be all connected all the time...)


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