Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hands on the Pumpkin

We made our Halloween pumpkin carving part of our school day by completing a Hands on the Pumpkin worksheet during the process. Doing the printable made the kids realize there was a "scientific" aspect of Jack-O-Lantern making.

To complete the worksheet, they had to describe the pumpkin and the act of carving, then do some estimating of the seed count. Completing the worksheet kept them occupied while I cleaned out all the guts, then each child designed their own Jack-O-Lantern face. Later, they did some creative writing about carving the Jack-O-Lantern, complete with drawings, and wrote the best parts of Halloween from a pumpkin's perspective.

Worksheets in the Yard

Feeling the Pumpkin Guts

Not very happy about this part of the process...

Feeling Seeds to Describe Them





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