Thursday, October 2, 2008

Babbit the Aloha Rabbit: Day Five

Our fifth day in Hawaii was spent in the pool at a neighboring resort. A short walk around the pool gave us access to a super kid-friendly swimming area complete with one of the few sand-bottomed pools in the state, a playground, and nets for both basketball and volleyball.

James and the kids spent the entire morning in the water (with the exception of two or three work calls -- the leash never truly comes off), while I stayed poolside to read and nap. In general, I have a rule about no sleeping in public, but when it comes to crashing waves, tropical breezes, warm sunlight, perfumed air, and a really comfortable lounge chair, I'm forced to slumber. As a result, the supply of morning pictures is limited...

Frolicing in the Sandy Pool

Shootin' some hoops

Making new friends
(Gracie and Katie exchanged addresses
and plan to become pen pals)

Back to Work

In the evening, we walked to nearby Paradise Cove for a luau. Every luau claims to be "the best," and while we know Paradise Cove is not the best, it is the most convenient. The food is mediocre, but the luau is very close to our hotel. Also, the staff really make concession for children by providing arts, crafts, and games in advance of the show, then room to stand -- even play -- while the show's going on. That makes for a true party atmosphere, in my opinion.

Taking a ride in a mololo.

Fire Dancer

Hula Dancers

My lil' hula girl dancing on stage

Scenes from the Day
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