Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In which I tell you all that I am...

Several friends completed this list and wrapped it all up with an open-ended challenge, and since I am not one to pass on a challenge (unless said challenge involves running or giving up any sort of chocolate), I'm in. If you've not yet done this meme, consider yourself challenged as well.

I am: a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin and friend
I think: therefore I am. :)
I know: where my car keys are.
I want: to live a life pleasing to God.
I have: a long, long way to go.
I wish: I were finished with this blasted degree.
I hate: clutter and disorganization.
I miss: the dreams I once had.
I fear: dying young.
I feel: tired and my allergies are taking me down.
I hear: nothing more than the clickety-clack of the keyboard.
I smell: Apple Jacks on my breath. (Hello, midnight snack!)
I crave: the aforementioned chocolate, preferably in cookie form.
I search: for purpose and meaning.
I wonder: if my life will ever match my desire.
I regret: poor decisions I've made as a parent.
I love: my family. I am so richly blessed.
I ache: for the babies I've lost.
I care: too much about what others think of me.
I always: check my Google Reader. It's an obsession, really.
I am not: that nice to myself.
I believe: God has my best interest at heart.
I dance: along with my children.
I sing: loudly and often out of tune.
I don't always: do the right thing.
I fight: when it's necessary.
I write: better when I'm depressed.
I win: at nothing. I'm the world's unluckiest person. Seriously.
I lose: my patience more than I ever thought I would.
I never: do well on a diet.
I confuse: my husband. Sometimes I even do it on purpose -- teehee!
I listen: when I'm spoken to.
I can usually be found: doing something with the kids.
I am scared: of being totally alone.
I need: mercy, and grace. A nice big helping of both, thank you.
I am happy about: homeschooling, our recent vacation, and the upcoming holiday season.


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