Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kids and Critters at the Texas State Fair

Our Friday was spent at the Texas State Fair. We were given free parking and admission in exchange for our attendance at a 4-H presentation, which was quite informative and lots of fun. We watched a milking demonstration presented by a for-real farmer who kept calling us home-skewul-urs. Every time he'd refer to our little group, the elementary school children we were paired with would crane their heads to look for the third eye or spare appendage on each of our little ones. We were part of the show!

In all seriousness, the Kids and Critters presentation was really well done. The presentation was interesting, the farmer was funny, the guides were kind and patient, and all in all, our accommodations could not be beat. The shows and exhibits were as good as ever, and we had a fun time getting to know some new friends. We're definitely planning to participate next year.

The Obligatory Pose by the Welcome Sign

Kids and Critters Presentation and the Children's Barnyard

After the presentation, we were being escorted back to the building to have our picnic lunch. On the way there, we paused to see Boris III, the prize pig of the fair. He weighs in at 1212 pounds and is quite impressive in a big disgustingly piggy way. The kids really enjoyed oohing and ahhing over him, and I didn't mind until Boris stood up and a shocked Bub shouted,

"Hey Mom, what's wrong with his butt?"

I soon regained my composure, despite the snickering amongst my fellow crowd members, and we left to have our picnic. After lunch, we met up with my friend Lisa and her handsome sons to share a ride on the Texas Star, the largest Ferris Wheel in North America.

Everything's bigger in Texas

Family Fun

New Friends

The Dallas Skyline

Little Hands on the Farm...

... aren't so little anymore.
(It's officially our last year on the tractors.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...
The Backyard Circus


Instead of being the bee-you-tiful tightrope walker,
Gracie opted to be a scary lion

Howdy, Folks! I'm Big Tex.

Fair Fare


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