Friday, October 24, 2008

Frugal Friday Linkage

Last week, I set up a little something called Frugal Friday Linkage and included a few of my favorite news stories and blog posts related to money and frugality. A friend really enjoyed it and asked that it become a regular blog feature, and since I'm a sucker for compliments and am otherwise devoid of interesting content, here you go. It's Frugal Friday -- enjoy!

Living Paycheck to Paycheck ::

Cosmetic surgery industry sags with economy (snicker!) ::

5 Ways to Spend Less On Halloween This Year ::

Last Titanic survivor sells items to pay bills ::

Get More Bang for your Kitchen Buck ::

Can the Bible help you budget? ::

What TV characters would make in real life ::

Spending surge pushes deficit toward $1 trillion ::

Recovering from Recession ::

Tough Times: The Emotional Toll ::

Shrinking Economy Puts Baby on Hold ::

Housing, personal finances will be better a year from now ::


  • Jenny James

    Oh, I was hoping you'd post Frugal Friday again! That Titanic story is interesting to me. Why is it such a big deal that a 96 year old woman had to SELL her Titanic things. I mean, really... she doesn't need them. She's 96! What she NEEDS is good nursing home care. So, I think she made a smart decision. It's not a sad decision. Maybe sad for her family that was wanting to just inherit her stuff.

    And the fertility article. I wonder if there really will be fewer babies born next summer?? Wasn't it just the opposite 9 months after 9/11? Everyone was reproducing after terrorist attacks!

    Good articles, Amanda.

  • Julie

    Looking forward to many more Furgal Friday's.
    I like reading these links.

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