Monday, October 27, 2008

The Initial Meeting

The kids came home early from their weekend away to meet the new pets. We didn't tell them anything about our new additions as we headed home, rather we quizzed them the whole drive long about whether or not they wanted animals, and what sort of animal they would want if we ever got one. (Ooo, we're sneaky!) Bub said he wanted a girl puppy (check!) and Gracie said she wanted a cat with a litter box (check!).

We came in the house still without having said anything, and they both had puzzled looks on their faces when they heard Sadie whining from her crate in our room. They ran looking for the source of the noise and were so excited when they found her. We took her straight out to potty and to play. They giggled at her romping, but still, the kids couldn't believe there was a dog in their yard. "I love her," Gracie exclaimed.

After a while, we brought Sadie back into the house and took the kids upstairs to meet Milo. Since he was still new to our house and to us, we penned him in the upstairs bathroom with his litter box and food dish as we went to church and to lunch. (Surprisingly, he'd not been skittish or one to hide, and had been using his litter box perfectly already, but with us out of the house, we didn't want to take any chances.) We opened the bathroom door and Milo meandered out into the gameroom, completely disinterested in his celebrity. He's such a cool cat!

Bub spent the afternoon and evening bonding with Sadie -- playing with her in the yard, walking her down the streeet to meet his friends. Gracie spent time with Milo, showing him her room, telling him she's his mama, dressing him up in baby doll hats. Both kids are well-suited to their new pets, and they even went so far as to say that we're really, really nice.

Gracie and Milo

Bub and a very sleepy Sadie


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