Monday, June 30, 2008

Yet Another Summer Update

A little library in the tiny little town just next to our little town opened in the spring. We'd not yet made a trip over to check it out, but while on the way home from a nearby golf course a few days ago, we stopped in for a bit. We dropped in just in time for the kid's craft, which excited Gracie to no end.

Bub, on the other hand, finds group crafting boring, so he tucked away in a corner to learn about mummies. In the time it took for Gracie to glue some die cuts to craft paper, Bub learned just enough about mummies to later scare her socks off.

Ah, brothers -- so thoughtful.

Other than that little excursion, we spent a good bit of time at home this week. I reorganized the laundry room and gift closet, and Katie helped me with some work in the garage.

We've also increased the stock value of our local Blockbuster. More than once this week, we've piled on or around the upstairs sectional for movie fests. I can't remember a time when I've seen so many movies consecutively! While I'm not a big fan of spending long periods of time parked in front of a television, I am a fan of spending long hours lounging around in my pajamas. It's actually been quite fun to catch up on movies we previously missed out on or those we've not watched in a good while.

Today, we went to a nearby water park where it became obvious just how much the kids have grown. Last year, they were too small to be in the pool at this particular water park without floaties and they were far too short to tackle the slide. This year, they walked around with their heads above water and they spent so much time on the slide that they now have plastic burns on their backsides.

Speaking of backsides, Gracie of the Long Torso spent the better part of her day digging a newly-short swimsuit out of hers. Like I said, the kids have really grown.

In other news, Chelsea's back and will jump right into this week's activity. We're going back to Six Flags tomorrow and to a water park with free admission on Wednesday. Thursday will likely be spent cleaning and catching up on laundry before we host family and friends over the holiday weekend and into next week.

At some point in the midst of all our busyness, the girls will be forced to help me brush up on my Nertz skills. Nertz is a card game I used to play with my friend Marcie over gallons of sweet iced tea. Marcie's coming to visit on Monday, and after sending her a smack-talking e-mail, I now feel it necessary to brush up on my game play. Indeed, I believe it's impossible for me to be any more of a dork.


  • Amy

    Amen on the pajama-wearing!

    Too bad we are going to miss out on the game-playing this year. Tell Marcie hi.

  • taralynn819

    Gracie is going to get back at you big time for displaying her little buns all over cyberspace! Although, I'd say most of us are ladies around here. :)

  • Randi

    The swimsuit is so funny. I've seen a few buns hanging out around here too (not mine, thank goodness!).

  • Christy

    Oh, I how I miss Nertz!

  • nertzfan

    Hi, I found your blog post through a search for "Nertz". It is cool to see others that know about the game. I hope you don't mind but I wanted to let you know about, the site for the National Nertz Association. There is a bunch of interesting Nertz information there and you can also find out how to play Nertz online there. I hope you will check it out. Feel free to join and also let your friends and family know. Thanks

  • Michele

    Oh - I remember Nertz - I haven't played that in YEARS!

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