Saturday, June 7, 2008

Babbit the Florida Rabbit: Day Nine

After Busch Gardens, Babbit went to Treasure Island
where he stayed in a suite on the beach.

He loved the view from the Master Bedroom.

In fact, we all did.

After breakfast, we headed out to the water.

"Stingrays? Outside of a zoo?"

Babbit wished he could join in the fun.

We enjoyed the beach at Treasure Island far more than Cocoa Beach.
The water was clear, the sand was soft,
the beach was much less crowded, and there were "treasures" everywhere.

Beautiful Morning

Bunny Love

At midday, we went to The Pier at St. Petersburg.

We rode a trolley...

...checked out multi-seat bicycles...

...had a seafood lunch on the waterfront...

...painted faces...

...saw a magic show...

...and fed the seagulls.

After all that, Babbit checked out the selection at the ice cream shop
(where James lost his debit card in the narrow slit behind the machine).

We finished our time in St. Pete's
by taking advantage of a free boat ride in the basin.

Babbit wonders what it would be like to attend a church
that has as many life vests as hymnals.

Off to the Airport

Boarding the Plane

Babbit the First Class Rabbit

So Glad to be Home!


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