Saturday, June 28, 2008

Buddies for Babbit

It's not a secret that we're all in love with Babbit the Blue Rabbit. I originally fell in love with his quirky good looks and whimsical charm, and but grew to appreciate how we tend to look at things differently when he's around. He's been on some wild adventures with this family, and he does a fair job of tormenting the children while at home. He serves his purpose well. Babbit is one-of-a-kind, and we're very lucky he lives with us.

Today, I stumbled across I'm a Sew Sew Girl, a blog chronicling the craft of a doll maker. The blog author, Evelyn, is an incredible artist. Included among the beautiful ladies she creates, she makes quirky, whimsical little treasures like these guys (who would, by the way, be great companions for the Babster).

What I wouldn't give for about an ounce of her creativity and talent! When you have a minute, check out her handiwork. I think you'll be equally impressed.

photo credit: Evelyn @ I'm a Sew Sew Girl


  • Evelyn

    Wow! I'm so excited about you mentioning me in your blog. Especially because I just finished recovering my photos between yesterday and today. I still need to learn a lot about computers and blogging. Kudos to you and your blog for the uplifting mention. I needed it.

  • Amy

    Doug the Slug is really cute. I was going to say that that was Millie and Bea on the header, but one is too sad...

  • Amanda

    I, Bea, will be the grumpy one, since I am quite grumpy. You can be happy Millie.

  • Amy

    Because I am just happy like that???

  • Evelyn

    It seems to me that Babbit has a lot of appeal much like my Shal the Shawamandah. My husband came home and saw him on his pillow and immediately gave him a voice and anyone who knows me has heard of how Shal has opened many doors of communication between me and my hubby when the going gets rough. Call us nuts but it's true. I'd like to see a clearer shot of blue Babbit.

  • Awesome Mom

    A slug doll, I would have never thought of making one of those. It is kind of cute is a disturbing way.

  • Kelly @ Pass the Torch

    Art can take so many shapes, can't it?

  • Evelyn

    Thanks for the links to Babbit's travels. I could not stop chuckling
    especially when you mentioned the blonde kid. LOL, the bunny is the superstar, LOL....tiny bunny goggles....hee.

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