Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bad Blogger and the Summer Update

It has come to my attention that I'm a bad summer blogger. I wondered the other day where all the time for blogging has gone, but tonight, as I was checking in with my sister, I realized just how busy we've been since Chelsea arrived. We flew home from Orlando two weeks ago today, and since then, we:

    stayed up late
    slept in
    shared novels and spent time reading
    went swimming
    had two doctors appointments
    spent time laying in the yard
    caught up on laundry
    watched a Law and Order marathon
    played video games
    played Sodoku
    humiliated one another with phone Bejeweled
    went to the gym
    took a Yoga class
    clipped and organized three weeks of coupon inserts
    went grocery shopping
    made the thrift store rounds -- several stores, several days
    took a road trip
    spent a whole day dealing with auto repairs
    attended a lecture
    went to the movie theatre three times
    watched three or four movies at home
    ate out
    spent some time teaching and learning in the kitchen
    twice went to Six Flags
    made one trip to the minor emergency center

Chelsea left yesterday for camp orientation in OKC, so we did all of that in less than two weeks. In fact, we did all of that in about nine days, because for about two days post-Orlando, I did little more than lay on the couch, and for the last couple of days, I've been on the couch again. No wonder I've been too busy to get anything down here!

As for the current laying on the couch, the ER trip was mine due to some really bad blisters on the very bottom of feet. It's dumb, and I don't know exactly how it happened. All I know is having the skin come off the bottom of your feet is a major inconvenience. I'm hoping to heal quickly and to stop hurting myself, to be more responsible about effective time management, and to work harder at not letting the summer sun totally sap all creative energy, so with that, I promise I'll try to be better at being a good summer blogger.

As for life around here, it's been really fun keeping Chelsea. She's such a good girl, and just a joy to have around. She's very laid back and I've had a great time having her here. But she's gone for now, and will be gone for the next ten days or so. As I mentioned, she has camp orientation in OKC for the weekend, and will go back to Tulsa tomorrow to take care of some things for school. She plans to come back at the end of the month, but with moving parents, a smitten young man at home, and things to be done before school in the fall, who knows she'll do. We hope we get her back for the rest of the summer, but we'll see.

Meanwhile, we're acquiring one of my other nieces. My niece Katie went to Oklahoma a few days ago to visit my grandmother, but I got an e-mail today with a strong indication that she was very bored. Because I am an eradicator of boredom, we're off to rescue her tomorrow after church. She'll be here through the first weekend in July and will go back to Oklahoma with my brother and his family who are coming here to celebrate the Fourth. After they all go home, my friend Marcie and her family will be here for a couple of days. Following that, I plan to collapse and soothe myself with mass quantities of Skittles.

Completely unrelated to Skittles or house guests, we went geocaching for the very first time today. Our friends Tommie and Amy geocache quite often and have shared with us some of their experiences. James was sold on geocaching immediately (because no boy outgrows his desire to hunt for treasure), but what appealed to me was the fact that after the initial expense of the GPS, geocaching is a fun and frugal way to spend time together. James got a Garmin for Father's Day, so today, we used it for a bit of hunting.

We had a hard time finding a few of the caches, and with my feet in their current condition, I was a little slower than I'd normally be. Regardless, we went on 15 hunts today, and found ten of the fifteen. (The ones we couldn't find were in rural locations near our house, and likely disturbed by nature. All the caches in town were intact.) The kids really loved trading some of their tiny toys for new prizes, and I loved spending a quiet day with my family enjoying some beautiful weather. The experience was so delightful that we've already mapped out a few hunts for the trip home tomorrow!

A Boy and His Toy

On the Hunt


  • Amy

    So glad you're back!

  • taralynn819

    I hear ya...I've got about 3 posts half-written in draft form.

    I'd like to be a niece of yours - you guys having all that fun! (I can't keep Jeromy in a thrift store for more than 5 minutes. I need about 5 hours and I am going through serious thrift store withdrawal.)

    Poor, poor feet. I have so many scars on the top of my feet from sandal rub every summer. I can't seem to find the perfect-go-with-anything-super-comfy sandal. But I guess that's what I get for only looking at Target, WalMart, and Payless. I am such a stubborn frugal shopper. Jeromy thinks I'm crazy for enduring blisters as long as it takes to find what I'm looking for. He's right, but I'm still stubborn. :)

    I can't imagine blisters on the BOTTOM of my feet. I mean, you have to at least walk from your bed to the couch, and from the couch to the bathroom, etc. ;)

    Jeromy and I were just talking about going geocaching! There are lots of neat spots down here. Jeromy has played before; I haven't. We'd have to rent our gps though. It's impossible to get lost on a peninsula, so we can't really justify actually purchasing one.

    *Taste the rainbow*

  • Emily

    I am so sorry about your feet! Watching Allan hobble around has made me feel sorry for anyone with painful tootsers.
    Allan and I want to do geocaching, we just have not taken the time yet.
    Glad you are have had so much to do this summer, it sounds like you are also able to find time to relax which is great too.

  • Elizabeth

    Scott would LOVE geocaching. But the initial expense would get him too. :-) Take care of those feet. And I want to see your face! :-)

  • Karen

    You are a way better blogger than me. It was good to see you at church this morning. Take care of your feet!

  • Julie

    I have been wanting to geocache ever since Amy told me about it - probably over a year ago!
    Oh well, it is on my "to do" list (maybe page 145 - ha!).
    It sounds like so much fun!

  • DeDe

    Again, I am so sorry about your feet. We will keep praying for speedy and complete healing.

    We want to go geocaching ... I will be calling you for more details.

  • amy

    I'm so happy we've converted you to the wonderful world of geocaching! We hope to renew our interest in our new area of the world. There's no better way to find your way around a new place than to geocache. I've discovered that we know more about the DFW area than most people who have lived here forever! Happy geocaching!!

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