Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Babbit the Florida Rabbit: Day Six

On Day Six, Babbit went back to Sea World.

This time he saw dolphins --
lots and lots of dolphins.

Dolphins eating.

Dolphins swimming around underwater.

Dolphins performing in a show.

Then he saw a couple of obvious tourists...

...and these adorable children...

...who pose by everything...

...including giant horses...

...and their mother.
(Hopefully not to be confused.)

Sage Advice

In relation to a Polar Bear

The little blue bunny became brave
and opted for a Shamu show.

He lived to tell about it...

...and to tell about this other crazy bird
who flew from show to show
hoping to find a discarded fish.

Sadly, he never got any.

The kids rode every ride in the Happy Harbor.

Later, Babbit took in a circus called Oddysea.

Bouncing Birds: Puffins on a Trampoline

Group Photo

Following Oddysea, Babbit went to the Shark Encounter exhibit.

Shark Encounter, indeed. Yikes!

The exhibit was so quiet and so cool.
We could have stayed there the rest of the day.
Instead, we decided to go back to the hotel for a nighttime swim...

...where Bub incurred a sort of injury only a Band-Aid can cure
(even at the risk of losing an eyebrow).

Saying goodbye to the dolphins one last time.


  • Michele

    Gosh, are you sure this is "vacation" because bsbbit is kinda making me tired with all his activities. I think he needs a nap, or maybe I need the nap ;). Love that last picture - so cute!

  • Randi

    Poor Bub - hope he's okay! Man, you guys will need a vacation to recover from this vacation!

  • Elizabeth

    My favorite picture: The image of babbit watching the circus. Too stinkin hilarious Amanda! You make me smile.

  • sjh

    Looks like you guys are having a great time. So much fun - I love Babbit..what a fun way to show vacation pictures!

  • Emily

    So, if I promise to be quiet, sit still, and pose with all that stuff, can you take me instead of Babbit next time? Looks like you are having a great time!

  • Amy

    You're so funny!

    Love the pic. of James kissing you on the cheek! Glad yall are having a good time.

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