Friday, June 13, 2008


We've had a fairly uneventful week. It literally took a couple of days for me to get back into the swing of things, what with the grocery shopping and with the regaining of energy. After a couple of days, though, we were all ready to being with the summer fun.

Chelsea is here for the summer, and so far, we're all enjoying ourselves. Well, my family is enjoying having her here, but she's a teenager, so I can only guess that she's having a good time. When she comes down for short stints, we always do it up and take her all over the place, but with the plan for her to be here most all summer, I'm having to exercise some discipline and adjust my thought that hanging out together is not enough, when I know realistically that it is. Some of my sweetest memories are times I spent doing nothing with my Aunt Laura or Aunt Ruby. Chelsea's so level-headed and doesn't need constant entertainment. It's me having a hard time shifting my mindset of viewing her as a family member instead of a guest.

So far, we've avoided extravagance and limited ourselves to things that we would already do, like going to the pool and using our season passes at Six Flags. We've done a bit of shopping, played video games, and swapped some novels. I've been teaching her a few things in the kitchen (like how to make guacamole and mashed potatoes) and she'll play Bunko with my group on Monday. We have plans for some weekend road trips, group classes at the gym, and trips to the library, and other than that, we'll just hang out.

It's been sweet to watch Gracie emulate her and love on her -- it's like having a brand new big sister. Bub really couldn't care less about Chelsea being here, but having someone else to entertain Gracie leaves more time for video games and pogo stick bouncing. As for James and I, we always have fun with Chelsea. James keeps telling her she was our kids' age when he met her for the first time and she tolerates his wandering down memory lane. I'm enjoying our great conversations. She is a real blessing, and I just love having her here. I'll be sad when the day comes that she goes home for good.


  • Randi

    How neat to have her there ... I love that she's staying with you for the whole summer. It'll be such a neat memory for all of you!

  • taralynn819

    Looks like you guys don't need to leave your neighborhood to have a fun summer! And now you have a built-in babysitter! Well, maybe. :) She'll never forget these days with you guys. (Oh, I mean, "y'all".)

    Hey, I have an Aunt Laura and a [late Great] Aunt Ruby! And I agree, I remember just sitting around the table with my relatives and just talking.

    btw, we haven't made any decisions yet. Just waiting on some direction. You're encouragement is always appreciated. Even throughout my preteen-through-college journals, most entries reflect an "end of the rope" feel, and the trend continues. :)

  • Elizabeth

    I have such fond memories of hanging with my aunt in the summertime. Enjoy your time with her!

  • Emily

    If her memories are anything like ours are, she'll cherish them forever. Maybe when we get to Germany, we will have to relive the good old days, and you can come for the summer :)

  • Emily

    I for one have no gret memories of hanging out with my aunts. I am so glad that you are getting this time together. She is one blessed gal to get to hang out with you all summer. I look forward to meeting her on Monday night.

  • Someone Being Me

    Sounds like you are having fun. I know you are doing some fun things because I actually saw you today. I was doing the vineyard tour with my husband and some friends and I saw you and your whole family. Your kids are even more adorable in person. I thought about saying Hi but I didn't want to intrude.

  • Big Red Driver

    Awesome that you're opening your home for her. Enjoy what sounds like a relaxing summer.

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