Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Babbit the Florida Rabbit: Day Five

On the fifth day of vacation, Babbit spent his morning playing golf.

The resort has four courses on property including two courses designed by Arnold Palmer. One of those courses is a nine-hole walking course called Legends Walk, and that is where the morning was spent.

It was a light and lovely round of golf, and Babbit was particularly appreciative that we beat the heat by having the first tee time. He wasn't alone in that thought -- it's HOT in Florida in June. I can't imagine August. Ugh.

Because we were first on the course, we played "Dodge the Sprinkler."
One of us would watch the water while the other one hit the ball.
It made the game that much more exciting.

Babbit didn't enjoy getting wet.

I really didn't enjoy being pursued by three crazy birds.
They were very interested in eating me for breakfast.

After being chased by the wild beasts,
I took a short break between holes.

I thought I'd lost them.
I was wrong.

They finally left me alone after one was hit in the tail feathers
by my wayward golf ball.
Though I was safe, I was quite frazzled
and spent the last part of the course in the sand.

Which honestly is about the same as my regular game.
I consoled myself by admiring the scenery.

Later, we took the family to the other water park on property.
They spent the day doing different "poses" on the waterslide.

Gracie shared her cookie with Babbit.

After golf and swimming and battling the scorching heat,
we needed some serious sustenenance.
What better restaurant than one with a giant lobster on the car?

James ate a six-pack of lobsters,
while Mom and I slaughtered a fair number of crabs.
Babbage observed the carnage.

Later, he opted for a ride...

...but ended up in a wresting match.
He did not come out on top.

Before wrapping up the day, Babbit looked into some sweet real estate...

...because where else but Orlando
(and maybe some Irish hill country)
can you find a castle for sale?


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