Monday, June 2, 2008

Babbit the Florida Rabbit: Day Four

Babbit spent his morning watching kids and nannies slide at the water park

but had to find indoor activities due to some people failing to apply sunscreen.

The rest of Babbit's day was spent in the shade and A/C at WonderWorks,

an "upside-down" interactive museum

that the kids thought was AWESOME!

The family had such fun pressing their body parts into pins

that Babbit had to try it.

It was quite uncomfortable.

Later, everyone visited a hurricane simulator

where Babbit nearly blew away with Gracie's jumper.
(Thank goodness for the bathing suit underneath!)

Bub trapped Babbit in a big bubble.

Psychadelic Babbit

Shadow Babbit

Babbit goes to space

Gracie also went to space in an out-of-this-world coaster simulator.

The little daredevil was very excited at the beginning of the ride

but after a few turns and flips and an emergency stop button press,
she needed her Daddy to cheer her up.

Nanny can't make a mood pencil work.
We're concerned she may be a zombie.

Scenes from the day


  • Elizabeth

    "Psychadelic Babbit" oh my word you crack me up!

    Poor Gracie, I hope she recovered okay from her trip to outer space. Poor thing.

  • Karen

    Looks like you all are having a blast!

  • Randi

    Fun! Wonder Works (is that what it's called?) looks really neat!

  • Jenny James

    LOL at Babbit in the pin needles. Oh my, it's so funny seeing all the adventures of Babbit thru your family trip. Looks like you're creating lots of great memories.

  • taralynn819

    I've been a lurk the past couple weeks. Not too "bloggy" lately and I hate to force a post.

    It's been fun vicariously experiencing your trip! Babbit just makes everything much more exciting!

    You poor tomato! :) The last burn I got was my first session tanning for my wedding, shy of 2 years ago. I couldn't wear a bra or shirt or anything at night, and that was enough to keep me out of the sun after that (well, after the wedding at least!) And the showers? I'm talking sharp bullets pounding on raw flesh - I'm sure you can relate. Here's to gallons of trusty alo vera. The ONLY green goo you actually want plastered all over your body! ;)

    I remember coming down with the stomach flu at the NASA center. There's this one picture of me standing next to my brother, both wearing space helmets, and I look like I'm about to hurl any momemt. That would NOT have been fun!

  • Michele

    Wow - looks like you guys are having a wonderful vacation - but, oh, ouch on that sunburn!

  • Emily

    What a fun trip!

  • Julie

    That museum looks awesome.
    Sunburn, not so fun. :(

  • Happy Mommy

    I love your vacation photos! Sorry about the sun burn! My husband got one too, on our FL vacation last week. It is really really hot in FL!

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