Thursday, June 5, 2008

Babbit the Florida Rabbit: Day Seven

On Day Seven, Babbit hung out while we played another round of golf --
this time on a slightly harder course.

He enjoyed riding around on the cart this time...

...and conferring with James at the most difficult hole.

After doling out poor advice,
James considered tossing Babbit into the pond.

Me, pretending like I know what I'm doing.

After golf, we opted for lunch at the pool.

Speaking of the pool,
Babbit would like to show you the progression of our sun care products.

Gracie back on the slide.

Bub on a "boat."

As the sun began to set,
James and Bub hit the walking course for a dad/son round of golf.
James thought Bub would enjoy the lit course.

Getting Ready

A Few Tips

Our Big Boy

Babbit stuck around to watch Bub tee off.
James and Bub paired up with another dad and son team
and Bub amazed them with his seven-year-old skills.

While the men played golf,
the ladies played video games.

Gracie spent about $7 to win about $1.25 worth of egg toys.

She showed Babbit the way of the SkeeBall.

Then our Prissy Missy played a shoot-em-up game...

...where killing vampire spiders was the sole objective.

Then she took Babbit for a quick spin.

Nanny went Old School...

...while I made a few deals... this one.
(Though there were 200 tickets in my chosen "case." Typical.)

No day is complete unless it ends with a pair of purple fangs.


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